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Elizabeth Dodgson Msc MSTAT, Teacher of the Alexander Technique offers lessons in Chiswick West London W4. To book a lesson with Liz or to make further enquiries with no obligation telephone or email:
Tel: 020 8994 9527 or 07762 085840

Wed 10/10/2018:  The Bates Method An Introduction West London Teachers Group Oct 18
  Bates Method. An Introduction.

I have been asked to do this by a couple of members of the group. I trained in the Bates Method with Brigitte Cavadias and Nina Hutchings some time ago. My training was very much influenced by the Alexander Technique as Brigitte is an Alexander Technique teacher. Brigitte calls her school Altevi, which is (Alexander Technique and Vision). I feel I can only teach the Bates Method with my Alexander hat on too.

I plan to offer an evening showing attendees a few ways of how to work on looking after their eyes. I will cover some of the basic premises upon which Bates formed his methods and then we will get practical! Time will not permit for me to look in depth at any particular persons eye issues unless it is illustrative and relevant for the group in general . I hope that it will give you a flavour of the Bates Method and be a fun and useful evening.

Tea and cake as always!

All teachers and Trainees welcome!

£10 guest fee
7.30 for 8pm prompt start. Venue Riverside Studio, Chiswick ( email me for Directions if you donít have them )

  Get Venue Details   Location: Riverside Studio Price:   £35 pa

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Sun 14/10/2018:  Learn To Run With Ease October 2018
  Running Workshop London


Learn to run efficiently, effectively and enjoyably at a Malcolm Balk's ART OF RUNNING workshop, London!

We all think we know how to run. After all, it's as natural as putting one foot in front of the other. Too often, though, an activity which should be enjoyable and fulfilling instead leads to frustration and injury.

'Art of Running' workshops are based on the proven principles of the Alexander Technique, which encourage good use of the body and greater awareness of the way it functions. We teach Mid-foot running which is the way that we would run if we were barefoot.

Malcolm Balk is a Level 4 athletics coach, certified Posetech Method Instructor and a world expert on Alexander Technique and running. He shows how to achieve and maintain fitness without injury and overcome self-imposed limitations to successful running..

These practical workshops are ideal for runners of all ages and levels of fitness and experience. Video analysis used for 'before and after' study.

Co-Tutor Elizabeth Dodgson is an Alexander Technique Teacher based in Chiswick and can offer follow-up sessions or individual Alexander/running technique lessons. If you would like to book a `Learn to Run With Ease` course or want more information about individual lessons email Elizabeth on or ring 020 8994 9527

'Master The Art of Running', by Malcolm Balk and Andrew Shields, is published by Collins and Brown
  Get Venue Details   Location: Chiswick Pier House Price:   £65

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Elizabeth Dodgson M.Sc, M.S.T.A.T.

To book a lesson with Liz or to make further enquiries with no obligation telephone:
Tel: 020 8994 9527 or 07762 085840 or

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