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Elizabeth Dodgson Msc MSTAT, Teacher of the Alexander Technique offers lessons in Chiswick West London W4. To book a lesson with Liz or to make further enquiries with no obligation telephone or email:
Tel: 020 8994 9527 or 07762 085840

Sun 25/02/2018:  Teacher Training . Working with Parkinson`s disease February 11th and 25th 2018

An opportunity for six teachers to receive free practical experience in teaching the Technique to People with Parkinsonís plus a follow-up of sponsored individual lessons.
Following on from previous workshops and activities The Walter Carrington Educational Trust is offering six STAT qualified teachers to participate in two workshops and the opportunity to give 10 lessons to a person with Parkinsonís Disease.
This training will consist of attending two sponsored Alexander Technique workshops, where special training will be given in the mornings, followed by hands-on experience with people living with Parkinsonís in the afternoons. The afternoon sessions will be directed by Elizabeth Dodgson, Loretta Manson and Regina Stratil. This will be FREE for teachers and people living with Parkinsonís (sponsored by the Walter Carrington Educational Trust). Any teacher completing the program will have the opportunity to have a Parkinsonís pupil allocated by the Trust for a set of 10 sponsored lessons (at £30 per lesson). Maximum six teachers.
,br> Time: Morning sessions: 9:30am Ė 12:30 pm | Afternoon sessions: 1.30 Ė 5.00 pm, with breaks provided

How to apply: Please email or use the form here Questions? Please email
  Get Venue Details   Location: The Constructive Teaching Centre Price:   sponsored

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Elizabeth Dodgson M.Sc, M.S.T.A.T.

To book a lesson with Liz or to make further enquiries with no obligation telephone:
Tel: 020 8994 9527 or 07762 085840 or

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